As the seasons change, our hair’s needs do too! Even living in Florida where the seasons don’t change too drastically, the cooler air that the fall brings can still negatively affect our hair by making it dry, frizzy and brittle.

To keep your beautiful locks healthy, shiny, and manageable here are our top 3 recommendations for fall! ⬇️

1. It’s time for a trim!

We always recommend our clients get a trim every 8-12 weeks to clean up their ends. But after a summer of sun, salt, sand and chlorine, our hair tends to be more damaged and drier than ever. Speak with one of our knowledgeable stylists about a trim, or consider trying out a completely new style altogether this autumn!

2. Give your hair that extra moisture it’s craving!

It is extremely important to add a repairing or deep conditioning treatment to your hair care regime. During the month of October, we have a special running to help with this! Book an appointment for any color service and receive a complimentary conditioning treatment when you spend $150 or more. *with select stylists only

3. Invest in a heat protectant!

Since we live in Florida and have to combat humidity most of the year, many clients, especially our curly hair clients, like to take advantage of the less humid months to frequently style their hair without worrying about it getting frizzy the minute they step outside. More heat styling = More heat damage when you aren’t using the correct professional products with heat protection in them. Our favorites are Kevin Murphy’s Heated.Defense and Eleven Australia’s Miracle Spray Hair Treatment.

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