What a year it has been! It feels impossible that we’re already talking about the holidays again! As a salon, we have gone through many changes over the past year and as we approach the holidays, we want to thank our clients for their continued support through it all. To briefly recap, we have continuously adapted our practices to keep our staff and clients safe as we navigate the pandemic, gone through a very exciting and successful rebrand, and a total transformation of the interior of the salon. None of these things would have been as successful and gone as smoothly as they have if it wasn’t for our amazing clients!

Blonde Hair Color Vivid Rose
Brown and Blonde Hair Color Vivid Rose
Brunette and highlights Hair Vivid Rose Salon
Blonde Highlights Vivid Rose Salon FL

We want to ensure that all our guests look amazing this holiday season! The holidays are the busiest time of the year for hair salons. So, to avoid disappointment in the upcoming months, this is a friendly reminder that if you have not yet pre-booked your holiday appointments, we strongly encourage you to do so now. 

The Holiday Season Countdown is ON! There are:

5 Weeks until Halloween
8 Weeks until Thanksgiving
12 Weeks until Christmas
13 Weeks until New Years

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