Exciting news for 2020: We’ve joined the Dresscode Project!


The Dresscode Project is a program designed for barbers and hairdressers to learn the tools necessary to create a safe, inclusive space for the LGBTQ2S+ community.


We believe that hair has no gender – so we’re taking the steps necessary to ensure that every client feels comfortable expressing themselves while in our chairs. Did you know that 58% of surveyed LGBTQ2S+ people reported feeling stigmatized and judged by their appearance? 93% reported being misgendered at hair appointments. That’s unacceptable.


Dresscode Project offers monthly consultations and one-on-one coaching for our stylists, which we have been engaged in for a couple of months now. We’re thrilled with what we’ve learned thus far, and recognized that we still have a lot to learn.


Dresscode Safe PlaceThrough our work with the Dresscode Project, Glamour Lounge seeks to provide a better experience for all – by honoring pronouns, using inclusive language, adjusting our online presence to represent a diverse clientele, and more. It’s an on-going process, and we’ll hope you’ll join us in growing as an inclusive space.


If you are in the salon and notice something off, please tell us. This year has launched us into personal growth as hairdressers and as a business as a whole – we’ve worked hard to identify our core values and bring those into our space with care and intention. We’re facing difficult conversations head-on, and we have every intent to continue learning and growing. That said, if you or someone you know feels uncomfortable, let us know so we can learn.


Thank you for joining us as we continue to grow! 2020 is a helluva ride, and we’re glad to be on it, come what may.

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